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Coastal Source

Helping Outdoor Audio Sound the Best


The Coastal Source brand stands alone. It stands for something radically different from mass-marketed products that typically fail over time. "Do it once, do it right" is the mindset of the company. The company’s Outdoor Audio division features speakers that are not the cheapest option, but they definitely sound the best.

Introduced in 2018, Coastal Source's massive outdoor speakers use ribbon tweeters, and the 3-Way Ellipse Bollard models can be even equipped with light-changing color LED surfaces - an obvious attention grabber at CEDIA Expo! And it makes sense - get the outdoor audio and the garden lights all-in-one - and it's ready for parties!

But it’s mainly about the sound. Coastal Source's high-performance $7,500 line source impresses with its outdoor high end sound quality. The massive speakers stand 54” high and 12” in diameter, weighing in at 88 lb each. Each speaker features 12x 3” ribbon tweeters, six mid-range 4" woofers, a 10" laminate cone subwoofer and can handle 1,000W. And there are subwoofers to match!

The speakers sound great, look great, but they also need to sustain all challenges of being outdoor! So, the whole design needs attention when it comes to the use of special coatings in drivers, wire leads or electronic components, cabinet materials and waterproofing the whole product.

A nice, fun challenge for a different type of speaker design.

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