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Mike Klasco
After graduating from New York University, Mike Klasco founded GLI in 1972, one of the first disco audio equipment manufacturers. Post graduate work was in signal processing at NYU in a combined masters/PhD. He sold GLI in 1977 to The Variable Speech Control Company and stayed on for five years. In January 1983, Mike moved to California and founded Menlo Scientific.

Over the last four decades, hundreds of projects have been undertaken for large and small clients, including DuPont, Bell Labs, Monsanto, ExxonMobile, Nike, Intel, Microsoft, Yamaha, Teijin, Cisco, Echelon, 3Com, Armstrong World Industries, Johns Mansville, Owens Corning, Niles, NuTone, Polk, AuraSound, B&C, Klipsch, Ferrofluidics, Transilwrap, Apple, and Acer, among many others.

Mike has over 500 articles published in many electronics and audio magazines and technical journals and was the Technical Editor of Sound & Communications magazine for ten years, was an Associate Editor of Multimedia Manufacturing Magazine, and to this day continues to be a regular contributor for audioXpress and Voice Coil magazines. Invited papers have been presented at the Acoustical Society of America, he has held positions as Session Organizer at the Audio Engineering society, Chairman of the Committee on Acoustics, and AES Life Member. He has a dozen patents licensed or assigned to the Variable Speech Control Company, Yamaha, Teijin, Armstrong World Industries, and others.
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Steve Tatarunis
Senior Engineer
Steve has worked for a variety of audio companies, notably at Ferrofluidics (now Ferrotec), as well as several Boston-area hifi companies (a/d/s, Cizek, Snell Acoustics). Steve is the past president of ALMA, and currently serves on the board of directors. Steve runs our test and measurement lab, where speakers, microphones and headsets are measured with a variety of gear, including dummy heads, artificial mouths and the AT&T Bell Labs SysID two channel FFT and distortion analyzer.
Neil Shaw
Menlo Scientific Acoustics
Neil, a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America (FASA), studied at both the Cooper Union in New York and the University of California, Los Angeles. He has been a design consultant for more than 40 years, and is the designer for many prestigious projects, among them the Getty Villa in Malibu, Caltrans District 7 Headquarters building in Los Angeles, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, MGM Constellation Place, and many research facilities and anechoic chambers for companies such as Microsoft and Apple.  Neil Shaw is also known for his patent and book reviews for the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, as well as for his columns in Live Sound International magazine.
In 2016, Neil A. Shaw received the Samuel L. Warner Memorial Medal, in recognition of his longtime support of SMPTE efforts in creating standards and practices for theater acoustics and electro-acoustics. The recognition also signals his significant role in the SMPTE 25CSS Cinema Sound B-Chain Study Group, providing a scientific basis for the acoustical analysis of the cinema venues measured for the studies, and chairing the drafting committee to assemble and revise the Study Group Report. The Samuel L. Warner Memorial Medal, established in 1946 and sponsored by Warner Bros., honors the recipient by recognizing outstanding contributions in the design and development of new and improved methods and/or apparatus for motion picture sound, including any step in the process.

Menlo Scientific Acoustics
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