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Technical Research and Market Analysis 


Menlo Scientific undertakes research studies for industry technology leaders, for market intelligence, and feasibility of productization of emerging technologies. Here is a selection of projects:


2019 Skullcandy - AMS digital solution and materials optimization for next-generation ANC headphones


2017 AudioCodes - VoIP office phones


2016 Razer - Gaming smartphone audio product development


2015 Sirin Labs - Ultimate, high security smartphone with superior 4 microphone and beyond state-of-the-art audio


2014 Campfire Audio - Transducer consultancy, sourcing and development of CVD diamond PEEK film diaphragms for high performance IEM and headphone projects


2014 Dolby - Product refinements for Dolby High-Definition Voice conferencing system with improvement of voice quality and intelligibility

2013 OPPO Digital - High performance and highly regarded ribbon planar headphone


2013 Fender (Aurisonics) - Transducer (earphone) speaker design refinement for professional in-ear monitors and vendor sourcing


2012 Kingstate Electronics - High-performance transducers for commercial sound applications


2010 Qualcomm - Development of practical low-cost high performance in-box headsets for signal processing smartphones. Active Noise Cancelation audio engineering support. Next generation initiative's on bone conduction pickup and reproduction transducers

2010 Kiwi Semiconductor - Smart connector for consumer electronics products

2009 Maxim-IC - practical design and requirements for high performance ANC earphones


2009 Intel - Reference design specification of mics, codecs, signal processing and speakers for MID (Mobile Internet Devices)

2008 Power Integrations - Performance criteria and design for audio power supplies


2008 Ferrotec - Application of magnetic fluids to full range satellite speakers


2006 Audyssey - Development and sourcing of precision low cost measurement mics for Onkyo, Marantz, Denon, Pioneer, etc


2000 Interval Research

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