Your product idea could be great if you talk to someone who understands material properties, manufacturing processes, and actual product design and development. Because our search for solutions started decades ago. Audio Materials Science is here! We have introduced high performance materials into the global consumer audio electronics supply chain, including benchmarking, introduction to Brands and OEM/ODM factories.


Kapton, Nomex & Kevlar

Menlo Scientific functioned as the speaker industry liaison for DuPont to introduce new materials, resolve compatibly issues, and support the growth of high performance speaker manufacturing to Asia. Mike Klasco wrote the DuPont Kapton cookbook for the speaker industry (1990).


DuPont Kaladex & DuPontTeijin Teonex

Menlo Scientific introduced DuPont Kaladex PEN film to the speaker industry (1992), and promoted DuPontTeijin Teonex applications on tweeters, headphone drivers, and compression drivers.



Menlo has worked with Ferrofluidics/Ferrotec since 1992. Magnetic fluids are used in millions of speakers each year and Menlo promoted articles, scientific papers and presentations.


Victrex APIV – PEEK

Menlo guided market entry of PEEK into the audio market, promoted AEE laminating for PEEK-TPE-PEEK market development and continues to date to explore and promote graphene applications in PEEK composites with key industry partners.


Teijin Aramid Endumax

Since 2013, Menlo Scientific was the strategic partner for Teijin Aramid, promoting Endumax applications in the speaker industry. Endumax is a thin, ultra-strong film made from a special type of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), with applications on speaker cones. Mike Klasco is co-inventor with Teijin's team with a patent granted for Endumax in speaker applications.


Asahi Kasei Roboden 

Since 2016 we worked with the Roboden division of Asahi Kasei (Japan) to promote this unique elastic flexible cable, a non-tangling solution with low microphonics (no body noise). This high durability elastic electrical wire with superior signal transmission performance is an ideal solution for sport-fitness hearables, musical instrument cables and integration of mic suspension/cables.


GraphAudio Graphene 

Since 2017, we work with GraphAudio, the exclusive audio licensee of Lawrence National Berkeley labs graphene IP, promoting applications for microphones, MEMs microphones and earphone development.


Covestro polycarbonates

In 2019, Covestro (previously Bayer Material Science), worked with Menlo Scientific and Klippel to benchmark injection molded audio enclosures (headphones, smart speakers, soundbars).



Audio Materials Science representing 


Teijn Endumax

Light high strength woven & crossply thermoformable materials for headphone headbands and earcups


Sappi Symbio

Injection moldable cellulose polypropylene composite for superior acoustics in earphones, headphones and speaker cabinets


SOTA Applications

Coatings for higher IPXX ratings, surface tension enhancement, and corrosion protection. Advanced coatings for water resistance.


BASF Luquafleece

Super Absorbent anti-microbial materials for wicking moisture and heat in headphone ear cushions and headbands.



Research and Development in Acoustic Materials, Noise Control, Audio and Air Suspension


Covestro (previously Bayer Material Science) 

Maezio Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic (CFRTP) Advanced Composites. A lightweight super strong alternative to plastics, wood and metal for speaker enclosures.


INEOS Stylight

Stylight thermoplastic carbon fiber composite for speaker enclosures, horns, even speaker cones. Product optimization for audio consumer electronics.

Eastman Chemical

Treva bio-plastic with 20-40% bio-cellulose content, and Tritan copolyester for consumer electronics audio applications (enclosures)


Oxeon TeXtreme

Thin ply carbon diaphragm technology for headphone diaphragms, tweeters and compression drivers.


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