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We offer different but related services for three major client groups - technology providers, manufacturers (OEM/ODM/CM), and brands. We also work with the leading Industrial Design firms, and with investors for due diligence before an investment, or for help with a struggling portfolio company

For Technology Companies

We work with technology and advanced material companies to bring them directly to customers - the factories in Asia that are interested in finding some new technology to give them an edge over their competitors. Often this requires time for development of the product to more precisely meet the needs of those customers, as well as building up a presence in Asia. We work with appropriate and honest trading companies in Asia that know the audio market well, who will support a technology firm's emerging customers in Asia during the critical early stage, as well as stock and distribute for audio applications where appropriate

For Manufacturers

We bring both American technology and customers to your door if we feel there is a potential match that will work out over the long term. If they decide to work with you, we support that effort - reviewing designs, pilot production, rejects, QC procedures. If an American customer declines to place an order, we can review with you what may have gone wrong, so there is a better chance for next time, after remedial steps are taken

For Brands

We are your river guide to the complex world of sourcing in Asia. Like a waitress offering a desert tray of options, we will bring you to potential factories to build your product, with an honest assessment of each factory's strengths and weaknesses. It is of course your choice as to where to build your own product. We will support you through the process, making sure you are getting a fair price, and working hands-on (typically on the production line) with your own engineers and the production engineers at the factory to tackle the inevitable production issues as they arise

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