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World's First Pure Graphene Speakers and Transducers

Pure graphene-powered speakers create a high-fidelity audio experience you have to hear to believe. GraphAudio is the only company that can deliver a pure graphene transducer for acoustics and its superior performance has the opportunity to establish a new global standard in audio, setting the stage for development and commercialization of a wide range of applications beyond high-definition sound, including echolocation, ultrasonic sensing, and near-field communications.

Following years of intense research and development work, GraphAudio debuted its proprietary 100% graphene speakers at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. For demo purposes, the technology was implemented in an earbud, amplifier, and microphone. Attendees were able to experience the pure graphene-powered speaker's enhanced, high definition, audiophile-quality sound.

Graphene’s greatest promise is that not only can it be used as an additive for speaker diaphragms in traditional moving coil, magnetic dynamic speakers, but also as a transducer itself. In 2012 at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Alex Zettl and Dr. Qin Zhou were researching graphene for audio applications. About a year later a proof of concept graphene transducer was demonstrated consisting of a graphene diaphragm sandwiched between electrodes to create the electrical field. The LBNL technology was licensed by GraphAudio to be developed into commercialized audio products. 

Since launching in 2016, GraphAudio has already created a portfolio of patents on graphene transducers for both speakers and microphones. The graphene diaphragms are very thin and light with a small spring constant so that the air itself damps its motion. The air-damped graphene converts almost all of its energy into sound and so is potentially extremely efficient.

GraphAudio has developed a new generation of graphene-based micro audio components and its patent-pending true graphene transducer delivers high sensitivity and ultra-low distortion. While other companies have implemented graphene flakes or fragmented components of graphene, because of its patent protected technology, GraphAudio is the first and only company, so far, to produce a transducer made of pure graphene, and at a fraction of the weight, thickness, and electrical usage of traditional dynamic speakers.

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