About us

Menlo Scientific is a 37+ year specialist audio consultancy, usually working for three types of firms

American technology suppliers

We introduce many new technologies and materials directly to Asian factories looking for a competitive edge in the market. Menlo Scientific works with Ferrofluidics Corporation (now FerroTec) for many years. We also work with DuPont, helping them bring various new grades of Kapton (polyimide) film to the audio market. At present we  work with new film vendors whose products may be formed into speaker cones as well as enclosures (Propex's Curv) and have worked with companies selling additives needed to make high quality paper cones. Currently we have a relationship with Audyssey Labs, whose DSP room correction systems improves the sound of consumer receivers, and an early stage wireless home theater startup

Large Asian manufacturers who buy US technology

Menlo Scientific began working directly with the owners of large speaker and audio electronics factories in Korea in the 1980s, and before then with US vendors. We have followed the industry as it moved away from the US: Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, and now China. We have the personal relationships with the management and staff of factories building everything from enclosures, to crossovers, amplifiers, and of course the ever popular speaker cone

Brands with global distribution who buy from Asia

We have been fortunate to work with some of the world's best known brands - such as Microsoft (XBox headsets, webcam audio), Apple (first AV Monitor), Cisco (transducers on their first VoIP business phone), as well as more specialized suppliers of unique products, materials and technologies: Armstrong (iCeilings) in commercial sound, Brush-Wellman (foil for beryllium tweeter domes), Ferrotec (ferrofluid). We also work with Monster Cable, the leading provider of audio and video interconnects and speaker cable, developing new products

Industrial Design

We work with Pentagram (SF office) for the last two years, and currently work with Ammunition Group & Deep Blue Design. Past projects have been undertaken with well known consultancies like IDEO Design (Cisco project), Frog design (Acer project), GVO and others, including in-house designers at many firms

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