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Menlo Scientific is a specialist audio consultancy firm, offering product development, design and technical support, liaison between materials, parts suppliers and manufacturing facilities, sourcing guidance, and certification.


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Liaison, Sourcing, and Guidance

At Menlo Scientific we are more than an audio engineering company, we are the strategic partners for a number of over-achieving companies in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace from component manufacturers to high end speakers to mobile devices.

We will work with you to reinvent your business model and to redefine your strategy from sourcing solutions to due diligence for mergers and acquisitions to licensing.

Technology Suppliers

We introduce many new technologies and materials directly to factories looking for a competitive edge in the market. Menlo Scientific works with the world’s most important material, technology and industrial IP vendors, like Ferrofluidics Corporation (now FerroTec), DuPont, BASF, and many others, helping them bring various innovative formulas, product grades, and highly specialized solutions to the audio market. Menlo Scientific works with new material vendors whose products may be formed into speaker cones, diaphragms, as well as enclosures, and with companies selling additives needed to make high quality speaker parts. Menlo Scientific is the ideal partner to help license your IP in the audio industry.

Large manufacturers who need technology

Menlo Scientific began working directly with the owners of large speaker and audio electronics factories in Korea in the 1980s, and before then with US vendors. We have followed the industry as it moved from the US to Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, and China. Menlo Scientific has extensive knowledge of the facilities and manufacturing needs for each specific project, no matter how large. We have the personal relationships with the management and staff of factories building everything from enclosures to crossovers, amplifiers, semiconductors, digital signal processing, and of course all the highly specialized parts and components needed to make any type of speakers, headphones, or find the best audio solution for smartphones.

Brands Who Need Accredited Sourcing and Industrial Design Support

We have been fortunate to work with some of the world's largest brands - such as Microsoft (XBox headsets, webcam audio), Apple (first AV Monitor), Cisco (transducers on their first VoIP business phone), Beats (first Beats headphone), OPPO (planar magnetic headphones), as well as more specialized suppliers of unique products, materials and technologies in consumer electronics and professional audio. We’ve helped companies large and small to develop new products, launch revolutionary technologies​, and introduce entirely new concepts. We’ve helped startups finding investors, provided due diligence for investors in acquiring audio companies, supported large companies outsourcing production, and we advised manufacturing facilities on streamlining their process.

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