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Menlo Scientific to Present Two Sessions During ALTI 2020 Online Event

Virtual ALTI-EXPO 2020 is a massive one day, online event, taking place on June 15, 2020 from 9am EST U.S. And it's FREE. It's a full day of cutting edge tech and business content.

At 5pm, Mike Klasco will present a session focusing on "What Is New In Materials for the Speaker Industry"

"A wide range of new formulations of materials – with enhanced acoustical characteristics have recently entered the market.

Applications range from woofer cones to tweeter domes and compression drivers diaphragms to enclosures for soundbars to headphone earcups. While some of these materials were first introduced last year, we can now discuss their application in products which are shipping."

To replace the physical ALTI-EXPO 2020, Audio & Loudspeaker Technologies International (ALTI) is promoting this online event as a way to contribute to the industry in difficult times.

Information and registration is available at:

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