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ISEAT 2019 - A Report from the Center of Global Speaker Manufacturing

The Asian trade show and factory tour marathons in the Spring and the Autumn are already part of Menlo Scientific's annual routine. Combining some of the essential Asian consumer electronics trade shows with the opportunity to visit project partners, parts and material vendors, allows Menlo to report on the state of the industry and manufacturing for our clients. While the CES show in January in Las Vegas, NV, provides a strong sense of the market, in order to understand the supply chain, we always follow the Asian April and October shows, where the exhibitors are the factories and trading companies that sell to the brands.

Every two years, our Asian tour adds another significant event, founded in 2007, and one of the most valuable for anyone in the loudspeaker industry: The International Symposium of Electro-Acoustic Technologies (ISEAT -, held in Shenzhen, China.

ISEAT is a professional organization for researchers, engineers, teachers, and students in electro-acoustics, and gradually converted into a must-visit international event, originated with the audio engineering alumni of Nanjing University. ISEAT’s presentations - featuring invited papers, poster sessions, demonstrations, and workshops - and exhibitors are global, and include most of the audio test gear companies, and a number of the large speaker companies. The event provides an abundance of representative and innovative technology, products, market information and a wealth of opportunity for learning and networking.

For most Chinese speaker engineers, ISEAT is the preferred professional forum. Considering that China is, at least for now and the near future, the center of global speaker manufacturing, you should not be surprised that a strong infrastructure for production testing has developed. But it does not have much of a profile outside of Asia, which is one of the reasons why ISEAT became an invaluable event.

Menlo Scientific was invited to attend the 2019 edition, held November 9-10, and we submitted a report, including a brief tour of the exhibits, for The Audio Voice newsletter, serving both audioXpress and Voice Coil readership communities.

ISEAT 2019 was held at the Shenzhen Virtual University Park, an affiliate of Nanjing University, a world-class facility with a large auditorium and lecture halls. Many members of ISEAT are alumni of Nanjing University, which produces most of China's audio engineers, and ISEAT's Chairman and founder is Professor Dr. Shen Yong, Vice dean of Shenzhen Research Institute of Nanjing University and Director of the Shenzhen Acoustics R&D Center of Nanjing University.

The theme of ISEAT 2019 was the challenge of the Third Wave of Sound. It is a window for Chinese people to understand the world's acoustic frontier technology. It is also a bridge connecting academic and business circles. It will help China win in the third wave of sound. "Humans have experienced three waves of sound so far. The new technology has already arrived, and whoever can accurately grasp the third wave will open the door to wealth in the new era. I hope that the Chinese acoustic academia and business community can work together to seize this historic and significant opportunity," Prof. Shen Yong states.

ISEAT 2019 was held at the Shenzhen Virtual University Park, an affiliate of Nanjing University, a world-class facility with a large auditorium and lecture halls.


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