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Loudspeaker Enclosure Materials (Part 1)

Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific, Ltd.) reviews and looks ahead at all the materials and design approaches for loudspeaker enclosures. As he writes, "No matter how much effort is spent on the loudspeaker driver design, the enclosure characteristics are still a significant factor in achieving smooth response, controlled bass, and defined stereo image. At the most basic acoustic level, the speaker enclosure’s purpose is to isolate the woofer’s back wave from the front. This is needed to avoid the front and back radiation from the cone from canceling each other. Enclosures also need to provide a rigid structure to support the drivers with minimum panel resonances." This article discusses enclosures using wood, MDF, plastic, plastic composites, moldable materials, coatings and paintings for those materials, while also looking at new cutting-edge bio-plastics materials.


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