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Magnetics Landscape for 2020 and Beyond

A Session Not to be Missed at ALTI Expo 2020

A Panel Discussion Moderated by Mike Klasco, Menlo Scientific

Panelists (preliminary)

Dr. Malcolm Gander, Geologist

Michael Rosenthal, Chairman and CEO MP Materials

Dr. Miha Zakotnik, Urban Mining Co

A panel discussion on neodymium magnetics impact on audio products; early development, mining ore, processing and fabrication of magnets, the geopolitical forces on the supply chain and past events, the present and its future impact on the loudspeaker industry. The future of alternative magnet materials, recycling neodymium, higher performance magnetic structure materials and related topics.

From a technical perspective, nothing can compare to the performance of neodymium, enabling higher sensitivity, lower weight and bulk and higher excursion. Neo has brought new performance levels from microspeakers, hearing aids, IEMs, to compression drivers and woofers. Time to revisit underhung voice coil and radial topologies.

Perhaps the most newsworthy aspect of neodymium is the politics and volatility of the supply chain. Commonly assumed is that neodymium rare earth ore is all from China, in reality about 20% comes from Mountain Pass mine about an hour from here and another 20% from Australia. What is missing from full U.S. neodymium supply independence are the magnet fabrication processing steps following the initial chemical separation of the mined ore.

More About ALTI Expo 2020

June 14—15, at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV, (just before InfoComm 2020)

The place to be for Audio and Loudspeaker Technologies Professionals.


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