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Loudspeaker Enclosure Materials (Part 2)

In the second part of his report on Loudspeaker Enclosure Materials, Mike Klasco focuses on new and improved materials alternatives. The report details how new materials offer a valuable alternative to injection-molded thin-wall lightweight plastics, without the expense of sonic integrity. While ABS, HIPS, PC, Poly, and other plain materials dominate today’s speaker enclosure products, there is a new world to be explored from companies such as Eastman Chemical and its TREVA cellulose-based engineering bioplastic, INEOS Styrolution's Stylight thermoplastic formable composites, Industrial Dielectric's (IDI) bulk-molded compound (BMC) and Structural Thermoset Composites (STC), A.Schulman's product line of BMC and SMC thermosets, Globe Plastics BMC-molded solutions, Covestro's Maezio continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite (CFRTP) and many other advanced material suppliers.

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